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 The Rules (Please Read!)

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PostSubject: The Rules (Please Read!)   Tue May 24, 2016 4:32 pm

=======Elite Wrestling Empire Rules=======
Rules Are Always Subject To Change

General Rules
=No racism, homophobic slurs, or anything of the nature. In general, no being a jerk.
=No advertising of any kind, unless it is approved by the main Admin (AT) or another moderator.

CAW Rules
=Everyone is allowed THREE caws. Here are the various combinations that could come of this;

One singles star and a tag team.
One tag team and a diva.
Two singles stars and a diva.
Two divas and a singles star.
Three singles stars.
Three divas.

Now, just because you CAN have three people, doesn't mean you HAVE to. You can just have a tag team, just a diva, just a singles guy and so on.

=Male Superstars: 88 Overall, no slider under 50!
=Female Superstars: 84 Overall, no slider under 50!

=Doing promos is how one or more people can show off the personality of their CAW or further a feud.
=This is not a league, so it is not mandatory to promo. If you do choose to promo, you may only do so as YOUR CAW, unless you have permission from the owner of another CAW that you wish to use in your promo.
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The Rules (Please Read!)
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